Letrz 2.0

How many words can you make in 2 minutes on the basis of 2 given letters? All other letters are up to you! With Letrz you can test your vocabulary and that of your opponents.

Now with LETRZ 2.0 you can also play against yourself (blitz)!

The power of the game lies in its simplicity: make as many words as possible in two minutes with the two letters obtained. Whoever makes the longest or hardest words wins the game. Maximum word length is twelve letters.

Decide for yourself which place you give the two letters obtained in the word. If the algorithm doesn’t do it for you. There is only one catch: You cannot change the order of those letters. Each letter has a value. Just like with Scrabble. The letter Q scores the highest and for letters like N, A, I, and E you get only one point. Self-made words don’t count. Only words that appear in the official dictionary of your selected language. When you win a game you earn credits. These credits – which you can also simply buy – are useful to boost your point total by, for example, exchanging them for a booster like ‘2 x word value’.

LETRZ uses the official dictionary of the language you have chosen to play.